Our Story

Lepakshi name is derived from the village that is situated in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh. Lepakshi village is famous for cultural, historical and archaeological significance. It known for its hanging pillars a medieval period architectural wonder thronged by tourists.
Lepakshi is an authentic Indian Restaurant in North Carolina, Morrisville. Brining you the original Taste of Biryani Cooked with traditional recipe by experienced chefs bringing to United States America the Culinary tradition of South Indian specially Andhra and Hyderabadi Cuisine.
“Lepakshi Restaurant” envisions to bring the same traditional and rich culinary taste to its food to our customers. We are located Bang opposite Carrington Park about 200 feet from Hyatt House Raleigh and 5 miles from Raleigh Durham Airport.


Reach us at 10970 Chapel Hill Rd #108, Morrisville, NC 27560, USA for your Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner for the rich Indian Food experience cooked with love and care using original Spices and traditional recipes.Lepakshi Restaurant is Wheelchair accessible and we offer Coffee, Comfort food, Kid friendly ambience. We Serve Vegetarian Food. Book your Table or order a takeaway or engage us for Catering to your functions we will be happy to serve you. We give Home delivery for selected areas (Contact us to check if your location can be serviced by us.)


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Idly (2pcs)$5.99

Patties made from rice and lentil batter

Sambar Idly (2pcs)$6.49

Patties made from rice and lentil batter topped with sambar

Babai Idly (2pcs)$6.99

Patties made from rice and lentil batter topped with clarified butter and red chilli powder

Medhu Vada (2pcs)$5.99

Fried donuts made from split chickpeas

Sambar Vada (2pcs)$6.49

Fried donuts made from lentils

Special Upma$7.99

Cream of wheat cooked with fresh vegetables, spices and nuts

Poori Bhaji (3pcs)$7.99

Two deep fried crisp bread served with cooked potato and onion


Porridge mad from rice and lentil


Plain Dosa$7.99

Crepe made from rice batter (Rice Crepe)

Ghee Roasted Dosa$8.49

Rice Crepe roasted with clarified butter

Andhra Karam Podi Dosa $8.99

Rice Crepe topped with onions and green chillies

Masala Dosa$8.99

Rice Crepe topped with potato and onion stuffing

Onion Dosa$8.99

Rice Crepe topped with onions and green chillies

Ghee Roasted Masala Dosa$9.99

Rice Crepe roasted with clarified butter topped with potato and onion stuffing


Idly(2pcs) & Vada(1pc)$7.99

Idly(1pc),Vada(1pc),Plain Dosa(1pc)$9.99

Idly(1pc),Vada(1pc),Masala Dosa(1pc)$10.99


Masala Tea$2.49

South Indian filter Coffee$3.49

Pineapple Juice$4.99

Lepakshi Specials

(Only on Friday,Saturday and Sunday)

Konaseema kodi pulao$14.99

Traditional coastal andhra dish marinated perfectly spiced chicken and rice slow cooked in heavy stream

Pudina Mutton Pulao$16.99

Pudina(Mint) marinated with perfectly cooked mutton with rice slow cooked in heavy stream

Kodi koora Chitti gara$16.99

Fried Vada(donut) served with delicious chicken curry

Raagi Sankati Natukodi pulusu$18.99

Traditonal ragi flour and rice served with country chicken curry

Special Thali

South Indian Veg Thali (Includes tea or coffee)$17.99

South Indian Non Veg Thali (Includes tea or coffee)$18.99



Thums up$3.49

Masala Tea$2.99

South Indian Filter Coffee$3.49

Salt or Sweet Lassi$3.99

Yogurt, sugar blended to create a smoothing flavored drink.Can be flavored with salt or sugar

Mango Lassi$4.49

Home made yogurt with flavored mango pulp

Badam Milk$4.99


Gulab Jamun $4.49

Dry Milk & Cheese balls fried & soaked in Sugar syrup


Cheese balls soaked in Condensed Milk with Rose water & garnished with Pistachio nuts

Madras Special Payasam$4.99

Fine Vermicelli cooked in Milk, Sugar and garnished with nuts

Carrot Halwa $4.99

Grounded Carrots cooked in Butter, Sugar & Honey


Birthday Party

Choose us for celebrating birthdays of your Near and Dear ones. We can special offers to accommodate small group of people from 5-50 within our Restaurant. We offer balloon decoration, Cake cutting options during non-rush hours and non-peak days.

Business Meetings

The Best Business happens over tasty food. Choose us for your Business meetings and we can reserve the most appropriate corner tables with privacy to discuss your business ideas, client meetings etc., munching our choicest of traditional Indian Cuisine. Contact us to check availability and options.

Wedding Party

Choose us for your Private Wedding Parties for 5-50 people. We offer simple decorations such as custom food menu, ribbon decoration etc to suit the occasion. Available during Non-Rush hours and Non-Peak days. Contact us to check availability and options.